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Erickon's Florist, Westport Massachusetts

Some arrangements for the season

Tiptoe through the Tulips

Tiptoe through the Tulips - $44.99 and up

Classic Rose Royale 18 Red Roses

Classic Rose Royale 18 Roses - $74.99 and up

24 Radiant Roses

24 Radiant Roses - $124.99 and up

Luxurious Lillies

Luxurious Lillies - $64.99 and up


Simplicity - $69.99 and up

Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine - $54.95

Romantic Bliss

Romantic Bliss - $64.99 and up

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace - $74.99 and up

Isn't it Romantic

Isn't it Romantic - $59.99 and up

Pink and White Dreams

Pink and White Dreams - $64.99 and up

Precious Purples

Precious Purples - $69.99 and up

Prime Time Pink Roses

Primetime Pink Roses - $74.99 and up

Three's a Charm

Three's a Charm - $24.99 and up

Rendezvous Roses

Rendezvous Roses - $84.99 and up

Starry-Eyed Joy

Starry Eyed Joy - $64.99 and up

Kissable Tulips

Kissable Tulips - $49.99 and up

Spellbound Roses

Spellbound Roses - $74.99 and up

Classic Dozen Roses

Classic Dozen Roses - $74.99 and up

Purple Amethyst Tulips

Purple Amethyst Tulips - $39.99 and up

Hot and Spicy

Hot and Spicy - $59.99 and up

Romantic Red Tulips

Romantic Red Tulips - $34.99 and up

Rosy Red Posy

Rosy Red Posy - $55 and up

Fantastic Fragrance

Fantastic Fragrance - $75.00 and up

Festive Flair

Festive Flar - $75.00 and up

Stuffed animals, balloons, custom arrangements
and more are also available at our store.